Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dharma Sharks in Lala Land

It's been a while since I've written, but now, after much anticipation, I bring you the return of Nate-dog's Blogs.

(I'm not really that full of myself. I know you could care less. But thanks for reading anyway.)

So I'm blogging about similarities between L.A. and the island in Lost. It seems to me in both cases, people have certain demons that brought them where they are. Everyone who has moved to L.A. has certain issues they are trying to run from, just like the people in Lost. And I've talked to a great many people that moved to L.A. not wanting to stay here really -- not wanting to rent an apartment and live in a crazy, dysfunctional, non-family oriented town for the rest of their lives. Many people planned on returning to the suburban paradises from which they originated. And of course the people on the island didn't expect to stay there as long as they have. They thought it was just a little detour. But people seem to get stuck in both places. A lot of people think they'll just come to L.A., make it big, and then move somewhere else -- returning to L.A. just for work once in a while.

But people in both cases are forced to work out their demons in ways they didn't expect. They may have had certain dreams -- and they aren't playing out the way they were supposed to.

But, sometimes a loser in a small-minded small town can be crippled in some way. Suddenly, he finds himself in L.A. or on the island, and he is a leader -- and a hunter -- his disability is gone, miraculously. Hunting wild boar...or hot L.A. women -- or just helping his fellow man through the jungles.

People see crazy things they weren't expecting to see along the way. Polar bears on a tropical island, wild horses, dead relatives...or men dressed up like devils or giant rabbits, transvestites, super-heroes.

But, you know, I've felt like the show has been stuck lately -- stuck in a rut. The main characters have been captured by the Others up to this point in the third season, and it looks to me like the writers haven't quite figured out what they're gonna do. Well, my "Others" have me hemmed up in a rut, too. Where is the story going?

Sadly, I have come to the realization that I am the writer of my story. Even Almighty God doesn't have as much control over my story as I do -- because He has given me free will. I just need to think "What do I want out of life?" No matter what it is, if I give it to God, dedicate it to Him, He'll bless it ... whatever it is, as long as it's aligned with His Word.

So I guess it's time to write myself out of a corner. I must free myself from my "Others."

But the question do I get back to the main island?

It's a two-mile swim through shark-infested waters...