Sunday, June 19, 2005

Officially Old

i felt my first earthquake on thursday. and i heard that there was a tsunami warning on tuesday. luckily, i have a friend in arizona who says i can go stay with him when southern california falls into the ocean, whether by natural causes, or by some nuclear strike, or what have you. somehow i doubt the 10 will be free of traffic if any of those events come to pass. at least the 405 will be the first freeway to get sucked under if socal ever actually does take the plunge. that'll be one thing we can all be thankful for. i don't mean to be so dark, but i just turned 26 this weekend, too. i recently heard about this poll where people between 18 and 36 picked 26 as the age when you are officially a full-fledged adult. it seems really arbitrary. why'd they pick 26? just to depress me i guess.

on friday, i saw my last piece of youthful hope run down a dirty alley in hollywood. before he left, he told me he was just gonna grab an l.a. weekly and meet me back at the car. but he made a break for it.

good riddance, i say. that guy was holding me back.